You first saw Rik-E-Ragga on your TV screens in 2010, when he took the X-Factor stage with his older brother G9er as ‘Jahmakin it funky’. They made it to the Top 5 groups and had the privilege of performing for Snoop Dogg and Usher who where both impressed with the Duo. 

With the success of X-Factor and the short supply of reggae bands in Melbourne, the two brothers put one together and have been doing shows ever since. 

In 2015 he lit up TV screens once again when he auditioned for The Voice Australia. He became a member of Team Delta and made it to the Top 12, impressing all the coaches time after time with his performances. They referred to him as ‘Australia’s Reggae Ambassador’ throughout the show, being that he is the first reggae artist to make it that far on any music show on Australian television. Being able to sing with Delta Goodrem is something that will always stand out for


Soon after the show, Rik-E-Ragga released his solo EP "Searching for Paradise" & was fortunate to have worked with Gramps Morgan, House Of Shem, Marvin Priest, Prinnie Stevens & Don Corleon.

Since his solo project, Rik-E-Ragga has been working with Marvin Priest forming Ragga Records, & they have just released their debut EP ‘Warning’ produced by House Of Shem & Drezion, and featuring Jemere Morgan.

Other projects coming out soon.

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